How to earn money with app

What is

  • is primarily a link shortener.
  • Or more precisely, it is a URL shortener.
  • URL Shortener is a simple tool that takes a long, complex URL and breaks it down into a short, neat link that you can share.

The URL shortener can be called many different names:

Connect the compressor
I lowered the link
URL Compressor
Link Simplifier
Short link generator
Basically, there are different ways of saying the same thing. Anyone who wants to shorten a long URL does so by using a URL shortener.

How to earn money with

You can earn money on by shortening the link or URL of your choice. This short link can be shared anywhere on the web and you will be paid for each click.

Is real or fake?

This is a 100% real and genuine site that pays its users right from the start. Their minimum deposit is only $2 and you can get paid through PayPal.

How to singup account app

Right! The Zagl website is completely safe to use according to Google Browsing Protection.

Google Browsing Protection is a blacklist service provided by Google that provides a list of URLs for sites that contain malware or phishing content.

How to joion this app? is a 100% legit website that helps users earn money by linking shortlinks to their shortlinks.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $2.

If you doubt whether it pays its users, there are many payment confirmations. There is a section on the site where displays the latest payments.

They also run a monthly contest where you can earn an initial amount of $450 and grow with each real visit to the short links.

They choose the visit and charge the user the responsibility for it.These types of programs are usually run by legitimate companies.It is also difficult to find evidence that someone received minimum wage but was not paid. But proof of payment is easy to get.

How to withdraw money from app?

It is a short linker that compresses long links or URLs and shortens them when ads are placed on those short links.You get paid when you share these links online and when someone clicks. The audience sees the ad, and you get a share of’s revenue.

How much does charge its users?

You can earn up to $160 per 10,000 visits using your short link from shortener. You typically earn around $100 per 10,000 clicks or launches.

Where can I share links?
Short links can be shared anywhere on the web.Some of the most important places are Twitter, Facebook, forums, online communities or other places where there is a chance to get clicks.

What payment methods are available? can pay you in different ways.The most popular method is Paypal, which is known all over the world.In addition to Paypal, you can receive payment using one of the following: Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin and Money Transfer.

What is the minimum wage?

  • The minimum amount you need to earn before you can cash out is only $2.
  • So you can use this service to earn money and get paid the right way even if you have never done it online.
  • Can I use the autogenerator on
    Using a car generator like car exchange or traffic will not work.
  • And you should not use these services to get clicks on your link. Because your account will be closed for spam.
  • Is there a referral program? has a great referral program that pays up to 50% of your referral earnings for life. I think you can earn more money by promoting it instead of sharing short links.

How to download app?

Anyone who wants to earn money online can make money with you are not making money online yet, you need to provide a real service. It’s free to register and start earning.

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properly. can pay its users with Bitcoins. So if you want you can use your bitcoin wallet to earn money.